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“Thanks to the efforts of the team, the company recorded reaching two million unique users allowing them to achieve a strong ROAS. The company is anticipating one of their most successful years to date because of the results of the partnership. Their extensive festival advertising knowledge certainly sets them apart from other ads services.”
Adrian Headshot
Adrian Maseda
Co-founder, All Things Go
“I am very confident in Mark’s skills as a PPC operator. His knowledge of the marketing realm and his ability to break down the complexities of marketing make him an invaluable resource. He’s a pleasure to work with. I will absolutely refer business his way. Thank you for your work so far, Mark!”
Mateo Martinez Headshot
Mateo Martinez
Founder, Mind & Mobility
“Mark is as transparent and honest as it gets in this business. Unfortunately, our engagement didn’t go as planned, but Mark was there every step of the way exploring potential options to try and increase the performance of the campaigns. I didn’t know he cared so much. Very grateful for his work. Highly recommended!”
Derreck Ogden Headshot
D. Ogden
Founder, WOM

A Note From The Founder

I'm originally from Brooklyn, so getting my first official advertising job at a boutique Manhattan agency felt like a dream. I've worked with over 60 companies and managed $10+ Million in ad spend in that time. Agency environments are fast paced and growth is inevitable. I learned a lot in my first 18 months, mostly about advertising but also about myself.

What I realized was that the best version of my work runs antithetical to the typical agency model. Too much time wasted on bureaucratic constraints, overcharging clients & locking them into long contracts, overwhelming undervalued strategists & designers with 15+ clients at a time, & not achieving similar success across most clients as a result of the model.

These points are exactly the opposite of what I aspire for MAS Digital to be; a fast moving, goal oriented, cost-effective, freelancer driven growth solution for small and medium sized businesses.

Mark Sherr, Founder
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Finding a Growth partner is tough. That’s why we’re here.

We’ve really seen it all. From inside the agency bubble, to working in-house, and now operating extensively in the freelance space.

We’ve taken all those learnings and emulate in business what we see as the most important points of a successful professional working relationship.


MAS Digital is paid media management reimagined - rather than dealing with bureaucratic agencies that takes weeks to get things done, you’ll work with a collective of freelancers who can move as quickly as you do.

Without the bottleneck of needing multiple departments to approve a strategy, brief, piece of creative, etc - we get things done much more efficiently.


Working with clients across a variety of industries and regional markets, we have extensive experience in distinguishing the correct approach for any type of business.

From the local Midwest candle business spending $2,000 per month as an initial test to a massive global company spending $450,000 per month across 4 different global markets simultaneously and absolutely everything in between. We custom fit our strategies to match your business’ needs.


Unlike agencies, we don’t lock you into a long-term contract regardless of performance. At our core, we are performance marketers; our work speaks for itself.

This partnership needs to be mutually beneficial to be successful. To emphasize this, we operate on month - to - month engagements, so you have the freedom to leave if it isn't working for you.


We view our clients as partners in their growth journey and the work we do is all the better for it. Keeping our number of active clients limited gives us the ability to offer the best version of ourselves to each client.

We are good at what we do and if our client wants something we don’t offer - we have great contacts that we can bring on to assist with any kind of project.

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