Mind & Mobility

MAS Digital partnered with Mind & Mobility, South Florida’s premiere in-home care & therapy provider for seniors. They came to MAS Digital with the goal of increasing volume and lead quality.

"Due to this success, the company shifted away resources from other marketing channels to utilize a nearly entirely digital acquisition engine"

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Increase in monthly Spend
Decrease in CPL
Decrease in CAC
310% Increase in CVR
150% Increase in Monthly Conversions

Their Story

Founded by physical therapist Mateo Martinez in 2011 - the first Mind & Mobility location was an outpatient physical therapy center that specialized in health services for the older adult. In January 2013, he launched the Mind & Mobility Home Health Agency in pursuit of creating a revolutionary health care model. M&M uses a biopsychosocial approach which focuses on maximizing independence, preserving cognitive and physical function and keeping seniors in their homes instead of forced into assisted-living facilities.


The challenge was to bring down the CAC while simultaneously increasing overall volume of leads. MAS Digital initially started with ownership of 2/4 locations & $3,500 of total monthly spend.


After extensive research into past performance data, we realized that due to the structure of the account, 45% of the monthly budget was being wasted on irrelevant/broad terms. Because of this lack of love to auditing the campaigns, they were looking at $800 CPL’s and $2,650 CAC monthly. Seeing this, MAS Digital knew we had our work cut out for us.

After overhauling the entire account structure to turn off non-performing keywords and double down on high converters, MAS Digital further segmented the campaigns to follow a customer persona model. Giving each lead a different internal designation & valuation helped to distinguish blended CAC & improve our overall understanding of monthly performance.

MAS Digital next focused on improving internal CRM capabilities of M&M to better qualify and close leads in the acquisition process. Originally due to poor intake forms, and mid-low intent traffic being driven to the site, the sales teams close rate was averaging 15%. MAS Digital worked to improve the quality of the traffic being driven to the site, the intake form questionnaire, and the internal CRM to qualify lead quality and temperature to better regulate optimal followup frequency. Following these changes, close rate jumped to 30% while overall amount of monthly leads increased by 40%.

Once we started to see significant decrease in CPL & CAC, we were rewarded with full ownership of advertising for all locations. We began to scale the ad account, eventually increasing monthly spend up to $17.5K/month.


Over the course of 10 months, due to continuous testing and weekly optimizations, M&M’s ad campaigns improved significantly. Going from $3.4K to $17.5K of monthly ad spend with no drop-off in CVR month over month. Due to this success, the company shifted away resources from other marketing channels to utilize a nearly entirely digital acquisition engine. This shift is astounding considering the competitiveness of this niche in the South Florida area and the target user of the business.

From an advertising perspective, there were several drivers of success in this engagement, including garnering the attention of new customers with our smart campaigns. Smart campaigns use machine learning to present ads on multiple Google networks, such as search, maps, gmail, YT, etc. They were a cost effective way to reach users on multiple networks to help M&M stay top of mind in their provider search. The biggest success driver was to use highly targeted longtail keywords that overlapped with core services that M&M provided as well as calling out pricing in the ad copy to better qualify potential customers and drive higher quality leads into their funnel.

Services Provided

Custom Dashboards
Dynamic Remarketing
Funnel / Sales Process Audit
Google Search and Display Ads
Landing Page Creation
Strategic Consulting
Website Audit


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