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MAS Digital partnered with Bareburger, a chain of restaurants struggling to find success with digital advertising.

"Bareburger achieves 8x average ROAS over 9 months of advertising"

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Increase in Monthly Spend
Decrease in CPL
Increase in Monthly Conversions

Their Story

Founded by Euripides Pelekanos. Bareburger started in Queens in 2009 and has since grown into a global chain of 40 locations around the U.S., plus some in Dubai. There are about 20 locations in New York, and it’s known for burgers, as well as a menu tailored for vegetarians, vegans, and other people with dietary restrictions.


The challenge was to bring down the CAC while simultaneously increasing overall ROAS. The restaurant business is incredibly difficult as it is, and advertising for an industry with such low margins was a massive hurdle to overcome. MAS Digital started with ownership of 7 locations & $2.000 of total monthly spend.


After overhauling the previous poor account structure, MAS Digital decided to use a mix of search and smart campaigns to target and retarget high intent customers on multiple networks of Google’s ecosystem. Starting with the largest lever, we focused on using Google’s machine learning capabilities when being fed large swaths of data and created a geo segmented (for each physical restaurant location) ubiquitous smart campaign.

Due to this MAS Digital was able to rely on Google’s algorithms to cheaply and effectively present Bareburger on multiple different networks of the Google ecosystem. Using this strategy we were able to reach thousands of people per month with sub $.30 CPCs. The next step was to create search campaigns for each location using a geo-segmentation parameters to not overlap with any other campaigns in the account.

Once we noticed increases in volume of purchases and decreases in CPA, MAS Dig launched highly targeted display remarketing campaigns to reach non-purchasers and repeat customers which really ignited growth. Using that success as a catalyst, we began to scale the ad account, eventually increasing monthly spend up to $8K/month.


Without wanting to rely heavily on search alone - we put significant effort into launching and managing an effective display retargeting campaign for users who visited the site multiple times without purchasing anything. We were also tasked to run display ads for a brunch promotion Bareburger was launching for their local customers.


Over the course of 9 months, Bareburger was able to achieve an 8X ROAS in sales directly attributed to advertising. This is astounding considering the competitiveness of the restaurant niche.

With biweekly check-in calls, MAS Digital was able to consistently be updated on internal marketing efforts of the Bareburger team, while simultaneously requesting new creative / internal sales data points to be able to make effectively better advertising decisions. This consistent communication played a big role in the success of this engagement.

From an advertising perspective, there were several drivers of our success in this engagement, including garnering the attention of new customers with our smart campaigns. Smart campaigns use machine learning to present ads on multiple Google networks, such as search, maps, gmail, YT, etc. Moreover, the biggest drivers of success were to target repeat customers with customized discount display ads and redirecting traffic from similar searches for things like burgers and vegan food that would normally go through the big aggregator apps (seamless, grubhub, doordash) to Bareburger’s proprietary ordering platform.

Using our previous experience in advertising for restaurants, we are fully confident in our ability to run profitable marketing campaigns in this niche.

Services Provided

Account Auditing
Creative Direction
Dynamic Retargeting
Google & Bing Search Ads


Google Ads
Bing Ads

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