All Things Go

MAS Digital partnered with All Things Go Festival, Washington DC’s premiere Indie Music Festival to provide the advertising for their first festival post pandemic.

"In the first 2 weeks... we helped drive 14K out of 20K of potential tickets in sales"

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Increase in total 1-day YoY tickets sold
Increase in total tickets sold YoY
Increase in web traffic

Their Story

Founded by 4 DC natives who wanted to carve out their own corner of the Internet, pushing their favorite music out into the world. Starting with curated club nights at U Street Music Hall - the partners turned All Things Go Festival into DC’s Premiere Festival. In 2021, they moved to Merriweather Post Pavilion- quadrupling their potential occupancy to 20K.


If throwing a music festival in the era of Covid was not hard enough, ATG switched from their original music venue in DC to a larger venue in Columbia, Maryland with 4x the capacity. ATG’s goal was to sell out the music festival by selling 20,000 tickets.


Our Google strategy focused on branded Search, Display, and YouTube ads on Google. With the branded search ads, we were able to protect the brand integrity by having our carefully crafted ads appear at the top of the search results page with links to relevant pages on the site and necessary information. The display ads helped us to cheaply and effectively retarget non-purchasers across google sites as well as different partner sites. The YouTube ads worked both as a prospecting and retargeting tool to users who were interested in music festivals, as well as the specific artist’s from the lineup.

Our FB/IG strategy focused on prospecting to potential festival goers based on different interests, lookalikes of first party data, and retargeting to visitors who hadn’t purchased a ticket but engaged with ATG online in various different ways. The success we found here was due to running ongoing creative & audience tests to maximize effectiveness. Our creative would be updated every 2-3 weeks depending on the milestone or action we were looking to promote. This channel served as our main driver of new potential visitors as we had more flexibility with the type of creative we were able to serve.

MAS Digital also built out and updated dashboards for the ATG team to have high level perspectives of the ad's effectiveness.

Utilizing data from previous years, MAS Digital decided the best approach to reach a diverse audience was to adopt a multi channel strategy. We ran campaigns on FB/IG, Google, Snapchat, & TikTok with different goals for each platform. With this approach, ATG was able to effectively reach a variety of demographics, and capitalize on the spillover effect to capture outstanding volume through cross channel remarketing efforts to keep All Things Go Festival top of mind.


Over the course of 7 months, All Things Go was able to achieve a strong average ROAS directly attributed to advertising and have the ads reach over 2 million unique visitors. This is astounding considering the competitiveness of the festival niche.

With biweekly check-in calls, and constant communication on slack, we were able to consistently be updated on internal marketing efforts of the ATG team, while simultaneously requesting new creative / internal sales data points to be able to make better advertising decisions. This constant communication played a big role in the success of this engagement.

From an advertising perspective, there were several drivers of  success in this engagement, including running ads on multiple advertising platforms to reach a variety of users in from different demos and audiences. Moreover, the biggest success driver was to front load the bulk of our advertising efforts and ad spend around the beginning of the festival’s key milestones. In the first 2 weeks of the on-sale, we helped drive 14K out of 20K of potential tickets in sales.

Using our previous experience in advertising for festivals, we are fully confident in our ability to run profitable marketing campaigns in this niche.

Services Provided

Custom Dashboards
Dynamic Remarketing
Facebook & Instagram Ads
Google Search and Display Ads
Snapchat Ads
Strategic Consulting
TikTok Ads
Youtube Ads


Google Ads

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